Free Copy

Suzy is the mastermind behind Comics´n Coupons a brand spanking new, advertising driven publication coming to a participating outlet near you. Comics´n Coupons is a comic book/coupon book that’s guaranteed to thrill you to death! Suzy Rokits´of the Space Babes space adventures will knock your socks off, & Comics´n Coupons slew of money saving coupons will leave your head spinning out of control!!.
Suzy Rokits is a Baberian from another planet light years away, and will be arriving on Earth any day now to help small businesses in your neighborhood prevail in our struggling economy. For starters, it’ll only be available in South Bay, San Diego... again, for starters. But you can bet your bottom dollar that before you know it, Comics´n Coupons will take over the planet!!!.

Bet you want your copy, right?
If so, let us know as quickly as you can by sending us your mailbox address (by mailbox, we mean your physical address. Remember, Comics´n Coupons is an actual magazine). Hurry cuz they’re sure to go fast!! We´ll set aside a copy of the premiere issue of Comics´n Coupons and shoot it in your direction ASAP!